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Jeremy Sanders
Work. Family. Run. Repeat.

Jeremy Sanders is a dad, graphic designer, running coach, and runner.

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Personalized, flexible coaching plans for beginners to experienced runners.
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Coach Jeremy donates $1 for every mile he runs to the Lucas Fund. Combining that with annual fund raisers, he and his family have raised OVER $50,000 for the University of Virginia Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

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Whether you run for your health or for the podium, you are a RUNNER IN TRAINING. Personal RUN + STRENGTH training.

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The New Goodr Bike Sunglasses – Product Review

I have a ridiculously huge collection of Goodr brand sunglasses. I can't help myself. They are cheap ($25) and have SO MANY COLORS! And I am an Ambassador, so I get some perks here and there. When the new Super Fly bike style glasses were introduced, I...

For Lucas 10×10 – Take the Challenge!

The For Lucas 10x10 Challenge is back!¬†Are you ready to challenge yourself? Do you find helping others to be a source of motivation? Then the 10x10 challenge is for you!   The Challenge: In the months of November and December, participants must run, walk, bike or...

A New Goal For Lucas – Helping to Keep Memories Alive

As most of you know, I donate $1 for each mile I run to the University of Virginia Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. I started doing this about 7 years ago as a way to help other families that are going through what my wife, Jen, and I went through when we lost Lucas shortly after he was born.

Erie Marathon Race Recap

The Erie Marathon was held on September 10, 2018. 2200 runners registered for the race to make it a completely sold out event. It is a favorite among runners looking for a last ditch effort to get into Boston since the race is right before the opening of Boston Marathon registration. Erie has a high percentage of finishers hitting those qualifying times that they seek.


Any advice for other Running Dads? “Have fun, and make the most of every second! Our kids will grow up, and our running will inevitably degrade with age, so enjoy both to the fullest. Then we can sit around and take joy in our kids’ accomplishments while we sit on the couch with The Weather Channel on in the background.”

2018 Boston Marathon Recap

Before you skip over this thinking “Not another run-blogger telling us it was the worst conditions for the Boston Marathon in 30+ years blah blah blah”, I have more to the story than a weather report. It was my fourth consecutive Boston and the one I had the most fun running. The wind, rain, and cold just added to the challenge.

Boston Marathon 2018 – Goals

Holy cow, it is less than two weeks until the 122nd running of the Boston Marathon. Yikes! My fourth time running the historic course. I like to set goals each year and sharing them here gives me a chance to look back and see if I hit them or missed them.

I hope you had a Goodr Easter!

I received a really cool package on my doorstep the other day. As soon as I saw the shipping address, I thought “this is going to be cool”. Inside the box were four easter eggs.

The Yeti 100. What the hell were we thinking?

100 miles. What are we thinking? Read about the road leading to Yeti – my first 100 miler.

Race Recap – Kauai Marathon 2017

2017 Kauai Marathon recap

SafeSport Trained

Our Charity

Over $50,000 raised for the babies at the UVA NICU! Donate today!

Asking Jeremy to coach me was one of the best decisions I had ever made. Week after week, he pushed me out of my comfort zone, something I would have never done if I was training by myself.

Sara Ilnicki

His detailed training on a weekly bases pushed me to my limits, and over sometimes, to grow. He knew my ultimate goal was to qualify for Boston, and he kept me on track.

Alex Lane

I was impressed with Jeremy’s profile and noted that he started from nothing and had worked up to a marathon distance, but was also a family man who would understand my need to keep family first.

Amanda Luckey