Most of you know my dad loves to go to crazy places and do crazy things. One of his yearly trips is to Boston to do the Boston Marathon. Every year, I would have to study, read, and do all those boring things at school while my dad was running and having fun in Boston. I was so desperate to know how my dad was doing during the marathon. Last year, I carried my ChromeBook everywhere I went. But finally, this year, it is not on a school day and I get to go have some of the fun with my mom and dad.

I’ve learned about lots of cool things about Boston when we studied the Revolutionary War, and now I actually get to experience all of those things I’ve learned about, and even more! Mom and Dad always come home with so many stories, photos, goodies, and CANNOLI’S! Now I get to actually go and see, eat, and experience all those fun things they tell me about!

You all know my dad is doing the Boston Marathon, but did you know that I’m doing the Boston 5K? My dad is going to pace me through the race so I can get my goal time – 20:00 or under! We also get to run over the finish line of the Boston Marathon during the 5K. I’m also really excited to see all the cool runners like Micheal Wardian, Meb, and Rick and Dick Hoyt. I will have so much fun strolling the streets and historic sites of Boston. But what I want to do the most is to just cross that finish line with that great feeling of success!