The easiest person to let down is yourself. Excuses are easy to make.

“I ran hard yesterday. I’ll take today off”.

“It’s too hot out.”

“It’s raining.”

“I’m sleepy.”

Guilt is a great motivator. If you have someone that holds you accountable, it is harder to justify why you failed to run with them when you just weren’t feeling like it.

Find a running buddy. Set a time to meet and keep that promise. You’ll feel worse about standing them up than you would feel if you just skip a run because your elbow hurts.

Hire a running coach. You don’t want to waste money by skipping a prescribed workout. You won’t want to let your coach down.

Set a goal. Keep in your mind that the goal can slip out of your grasp if you decide to get lazy.

Is it worth skipping a run when you have something riding on it?