I recently had an interesting conversation regarding running. A friend asked me how I do not get bored running for extended periods of time. He asked if I listened to music. I don’t if I am outside. I enjoy the quiet and feel safer being able to hear what is going on around me as opposed to wearing headphones. He asked what I think about. I told him my mind just kind of wanders at times, but usually focuses on my run and what I plan on getting out of it. Then it kind of clicked how I could relate how I feel about running to him.

My friend works out a lot and spends a lot of time in the gym. I told him that, just like his gym workouts, I look at each stride as a rep and work on different aspects of my run to put together a complete workout. Whether it is speed, volume of miles, or just a recovery run – there is a purpose behind it. After stringing these specific types of runs together, I can see and feel the results in my speed and endurance. Just like he focuses on different muscle groups and can see increases in strength and musculature.

So for someone who is just stepping out the door to run, just for the sake of running, I can see where it may be boring. But if you set a goal and a purpose before lacing up your shoes, you can find plenty of things to keep your mind active while running for extended periods of time.