If you are preparing to start running this Spring, now is the time to lay the foundation for an injury-free experience. If you are anything like me, you have decided to run to lose a few pounds and as soon as you can get outside to run, you are going as fast and as hard as you can. You want results now. You jump on the scale before and after you run and expect to see the needle drop lower and lower.

It doesn’t work that way. After a week or so, you find yourself nursing sore knees, calves, shin splints, and feeling discouraged. I’ve been there and made all of the mistakes of a new runner.

Let’s start by laying down the groundwork that will help you make running a rewarding experience. The exercises I will outline in the next few articles will help stengthen the areas that are prone to injury for new runners. I’ll start at the waist and work down to your feet. These excercises can be done indoors during these incelement weather days.


The majority of your running power comes from your abs, hips and butt. The Myrtl workout covers these areas. Start with these excercises several days of the week and you will start to feel the muscles you have not used for a while getting stronger. Refer to the video for proper form and execution.

Clams – 10 each leg

Lateral Leg Raise – 10 each leg

Donkey Kicks – 10 each leg

Donkey Whips – 5 each leg

Fire Hydrant – 10 each leg

Knee Circle, Forward – 10 each leg

Knee Circle, Backward – 10 each leg

Hurdle Trail Leg, Forward – 10 each leg

Hurdle Trail Leg, Backward – 10 each leg

Lateral Leg Swing – 10 each leg

Linear Leg Swing – 10 each leg

Linear Leg Swing, Bent Knee – 10 each leg