After the passing of my ProForm treadmill, I was in need of a replacement .. and fast. I had purchased my original treadmill from Sears around ten years ago, so I decided to check out what they had.

UPDATE (2/15/14)

I have had the Sole F80 for over a year now. I am proud to report that I have had no issues with this essential piece of fitness equipment. It has proven especially useful this winter since the weather has been detrimental to my outside running. I have logged hundreds of miles every month while truing for my next marathon. 

I have found my optimal setup to keep me entertained while running. See my photo below with my TV / Netflix. I have an audio jack going from the TV to the treadmill, then my headphones plugged into the treadmill.

Sole F80 Treadmill.

Sole F80 Treadmill.

I have maintained the treadmill’s reliability by lubricating the belt periodically and vacuuming any dirt and debris around or on the treadmill deck.

If it weren’t for this treadmill, I would be competing for machines at the local gym. I prefer my basement! I highly recommend this treadmill.


UPDATE (3/2/13)

I have put several hundred miles on the treadmill so far and no problems. I had thought that the fan was a bit too weak, but I found that the fan cover swivels and I had it aiming at the ceiling, not my face. Big difference.

I am very happy with this treadmill and it has been a great help with my marathon training.

Sears had the Sole F75 ($1299.00) and F85 ($1799.00) both as a sale special as well as a few NordicTracks. I took some notes on the models there and went home to read reviews. Sole received the most favorable reviews, so I narrowed it down to the F85 that I tried out at Sears, and the F80, which was a step down in price ($1399.00). The only differences were a slightly smaller deck, a smaller display and a half horsepower smaller motor. For a difference of $400, I picked the F80.

Sears offered free delivery and $10 to take away the old one. Those things are very heavy, so it was worth the tiny fee to have them haul the old one out, plus they set up the new one and took away all the boxing and styrofoam.

I took the treadmill for its maiden voyage the other night and it is nice and quiet, smooth, and comfortable. I tried out the built in fans, but you can barely feel them. It has speakers you can connect your audio device to, but they are small and not very good quality. So if you are looking for these two things as key features of your treadmill purchase, look elsewhere. I am not concerned because I run at nights most of the time and have to have headphones on as to not wake the family.

I will update this review after I put a more significant amount of miles on it. Overall I am satisfied with the treadmill and the service from Sears.