It seems like just yesterday that I was asking Brand Evangelist, Tyler Hurst, at Skora if the Phase was enough shoe for a marathon. He steered me in the direction of the Base due to the fact that I had never run in a zero drop shoe. Here I am 300 miles later and in the final few weeks of training for my October marathon. I am 100% confident that the Base will be more than adequate for 26.2 miles when I need them.

I have to admit that I was starting to wonder if the lack of padding or zero drop was the cause of a recent calf/ankle strain. I can’t seem to grasp the whole rest-is-good-for-you mentality, so I needed a quick fix. Maybe a miraculous Mr. Miyagi Karate Kid leg rub? Some Ray Lewis deer antler spray? Ankle brace, calf sleeve, new padded shoes? I don’t have time for rest. And I am always looking for an excuse to shop for new running shoes. So I sent Tyler an email to get his opinion on a more padded Skora offering. Instead of selling me a new pair of kicks, Tyler said that proper running form trumps padding and a more padded shoe will not be the quick answer. Damn. That makes sense. I guess I can wait on a new pair of shoes. Instant gratification would be awesome, but an injury is nothing to rush.

So I took some time off to heal, and after almost 3 weeks of rest, I tossed the Skora Base back on and hit the pavement. I paid close attention to form and cadence and I am pain free and improving my speed and endurance every day. I am going to tear through the Baltimore Marathon and hopefully throw down a Boston Qualifying time to boot. And thanks to Tyler for sending some wisdom my way. I am still pretty new to the running lifestyle, buy I am learning more about the sport, and myself, every day. Hey Tyler, can I buy a new pair after my marathon?

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