About a year ago, I started seeing products by Orange Mud pop up in my social media news feeds. They had quite a social following and some nice looking products. Water bottles, hydration packs, gear bags; all being used for various outdoor adventures. I though to myself, “I want to be doing outdoor adventures like that! I’ll need to stay hydrated!” So, I put the Orange Mud HydraQuiver Double Barrel Vest Pack on my Christmas list. Santa came through for me, and on Christmas morning, I was prepared for any and all outdoor adventures that came my way.

Well, no real adventures came my way for the longest time. I used the water bottles that came with the pack frequently for soccer games and practices (coaches get thirsty, too). They are the nicest water bottles I own, and I own a lot of them. The spout has a rubber gasket around it that prevents drips and dribbles. I just never felt the need to strap two 25 oz. water bottles to my back to go for a training run. Even during my Boston marathon training, I opted for a smaller handheld bottle for hydrating on my long runs.
Then, I got the bright idea to run the JFK 50 Miler. Finally, I can use my HydraQuiver! Still, my training runs did not really warrant carrying all that water. Should I have gone for the single barrel or their handheld model? Maybe. On one training run, though, I decided it was time to test this thing out. I joined some buddies for a twenty miler on the Appalachian Trail to get a feel for what I had in store for me at the JFK50. Right away, I knew that this pack would be a salvation during my race. I could run with my hands free, and when thirsty, I simply reach over my shoulder, grab a bottle, drink, and return it back to its holder. With the rocky terrain, and needing to focus on where each foot will land, having arms and hands free to help maintain balance, or catch yourself when you trip over a leaf strewn rock, was a must. The HydraQuiver worked great! On to the JFK50.
For the race, I packed gels and chews into the pockets on the front of the pack, and my phone, ID and a little cash went into the zippered pocket on the back. I have one of those big Samsung Galaxy Note phones, but it fit fine in the pocket. I wore the pack for the duration of the Appalachian Trail, which was 15.4 miles. It remained comfortable and I had several other runners ask me how I liked the pack. On one tumble, the water bottles flew out of their holders, but that is expected when you go head over heals. Once off the AT, I ditched the pack for a handheld water bottle for the remaining 35 miles. But my HydraQuiver wasn’t done being useful. My buddies, who came to cheer me on, carried the pack on their backs when they would come out to check on me, bringing me water and supplies as I needed them.
I am sure I will be prepared for any outdoor adventure that comes my way, now that I have the Orange Mud HydraQuiver Double Barrel vest pack!