This week marks the halfway mark of my marathon training.

Tuesday’s workout consisted of 2 miles slow (8:30 minute mile) then alternate between .25 mile fast (7:30 minute mile) and 2:09 slow for 16 of each speed. It finished with 1 mile slow. The total distance came to a little over 10 miles. I ran this at 10:00 PM so I was pretty beat when it was over.

Thursday was to be a 9 mile workout with 2 miles slow, 3 miles fast, 3 minutes slow, 3 miles fast and 1 mile slow. But my treadmill died at 5.65 miles so I called it quits. Another 10:00 PM workout so I was not going to finish outside.

Saturday was a slow 6 miler. I ran with Steve for our usual route which is from my house up to Sherando park and back. Nice easy run.

Sunday was the long run – a steady pace (I was at 8:04 minute mile pace) for 16 miles. This is my longest run yet and I started it and ended it with the big hill in my neighborhood. My legs felt fine afterward and I can tell my endurance is getting pretty formidable.

Overall, a decent week if you ignore the treadmill tragedy.