Brutal week. Speed work on Tuesday that had me going fast (7:30 mile pace) for .62 miles followed by 30 seconds of slow. This repeated 10 times with 2 miles slow to warm up and a mile slow at the end to cool down. 9.75 rough miles.

Thursday was even longer stretches of fast running. The fast sessions were 2 miles at a 7:45 mile pace followed by 3 minutes of slow. These all added up to 9.6 miles total distance.

Saturday was 8 miles. I used my 5k race in the morning (new PR of 18:41) and since it was close to home, I did a cool down run around Sherando park with some new race day friends and then ran home. It all added up to 8 miles.

The long run this week was 18 miles. A laborious 18 miles this time. My dinner from the evening before was not well thought out (chinese food) and my 1 year old had kept me up the majority of the night before. So I was not in the best of mood and my stomach was angry with me. But I made it through the workout. If I can make it through that, the marathon should be a breeze.

On to the next.