Have you ever imagined a horde of the walking dead chasing you as you take your morning training run? Maybe it is because I have listened to all 3 of J.L. Bourne’s “Day By Day Armageddon” audio books on my ipod while running, or watching AMC’s “The Walking Dead” on my tv while running on the treadmill, or reading Joseph Talluto’s “White Flag of the Dead” series before going to bed – but when my mind looks for something to occupy itself during a run, zombies find a way to shamble their way in.

Here’s the scenario: You are out on a morning run like any other day. It is 5:20 am and the sun is just starting to cut through the mist of the morning. You are about 2.5 miles into your run. You pass by a wooded area on your right where the path drops off down a hillside to a small pond. Out of the corner of your eye you see a bit of movement, but the shaded woods obscure your vision and you are focused on the road ahead. Probably just a deer getting a drink. You have seen deer, fox and what you swear looked like a bobcat on this path before. Nothing to be alarmed about.

A few strides later you hear some underbrush snap followed by a low groaning sound. Now you are a bit unnerved. The sun has not fully burned of the morning haze and you are at the mercy of your senses and imagination.

You are now cresting a ridge where you come out of the trees and into an open field. Visibility went from about 20% to 60% and something is not right. Your trail is occupied by more than the normal number of morning runners who you encounter on a daily basis. And they are not running this morning. They are kind of stumbling, shuffling, and mindlessly walking along and across your path. Your brain clicks. “This is it. The zomie apocalypse is upon us and all I have on my to defend myself is a water bottle and this pack of GU”.

What do you do now?

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