Today is a sad day. I have lost a trusted friend. We have traveled a lot of miles together yet still feel at home. It has been a 10 year relationship. Granted, it is an on-and-off, love-hate type of friendship, but we have grown close in the last 2 years.

Today we were running along on a planned 9 mile run and he just stopped at 5.66 miles. I encouraged him to get back up, keep going. He gave it a go, sputtering as he picked up speed. But there just was nothing left.

“DON’T LEAVE ME!” I pleaded. “I need you now more than ever.” How else am I going to run at 10:00 PM in my own basement?

Alas, he was done. Still some lights on, but no one home. I knew a decision had to be made. I did the right thing.

I have pulled the plug for good.

“Goodbye friend. You will never be replaced.”

Well, maybe I was a little overdramatic. He will be replaced this weekend and given a proper burial …

… at the dump.