It is less than a week until my third consecutive trip to Boston to run the marathon. I like to set goals for all my races, but Boston goals always seem loftier, since the race has such a storied past and is one of the pinnacle marathons in the world. Why not shoot for the stars?

So here it is.

My list of goals.

Monday afternoon, I can look back at this list of goals and say, “Woohoo! I did it! I smashed my PR and had a great race!” or “Well, there’s always next year …

Regardless, I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to participate at this level of competition. I would be remiss not to thank my supportive family who put up with my endless talk of running and my never ending sweat-stink. Just kidding, I don’t stink … I hope. Thank you to my training partners! They have been by my side for months plugging away tons of miles and cheering me on. It’s crazy! I’ll send out a text says “I need to do a twenty miler in the morning, anyone interested?” and I have a team of runners waiting at my doorstep at 5 am the next morning. You guys and gals rock!

Can you tell I am stalling?

As soon as I post this, it becomes real and I will be judged by these numbers.

Here goes.

Did you know this is the 121st running of the Boston Marathon?

It is.

OK. I’m done procrastinating.

GOAL A: Sub 2:55:00
GOAL B: Sub 3:00:00
GOAL C: BQ time (3:10-3:15)
MIRACLE GOAL: Sub 2:46:00

There it is. That’s freaking scary to think about.

Why the heck not?! I can do it.

Want to track me? My bib # is 4121. Tracking info can be found at