This Workout Wednesday isn’t necessarily a workout, per se, but an addition you can make to any run to change it up a bit. By simply adding a few “strides” in, you work on both your aerobic threshold and anaerobic power. Some people call them “striders” or “pick ups”. We’ll go with strides. Those other people are wrong.

What is a stride? A stride is a short duration of increased effort. It is not an all-out sprint, but rather a hard effort where you are in control and maintaining proper running mechanics. I usually do strides for 10 to 20 seconds, spaced out during an easy run. The easy running builds your aerobic capacity, which is the ability to use the energy in your muscles provided by the oxygenation of your blood. At an easy pace, those energy stores last longer and can continually build as your body adapts. When you go into an anaerobic state, you have used those stores up and muscles look for different fuel sources ,which leads to fatigue. By switching between the two, even for a short while, you are training your body to increase it’s aerobic capacity.

Enough science talk, let’s take a look at a sample workout.

EZ6 w/4 strides, 10 sec each.

For this run, it would be an easy pace, meaning you should still be able to talk comfortably. During the 6 miles, do a 10 second hard effort, then drop your speed back to an easy effort. Over time you will see your “easy pace” start to get faster and faster.

The other cool thing is when you look back at your run data, it will have your average pace and then your maximum pace. Those brief seconds of running in the sub 5 or 6 minute range are enough to make you feel pretty badass.

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