I dare to wear short shorts. I never thought the day would come. But it is so liberating!

I have noticed that the length of my running shorts has gotten shorter and shorter as my running has evolved. I used to just throw on my boxer briefs and a pair of athletic shorts and hit the road. I still do on some days. But when I want to get a serious, fast run in, it is short shorts all the way. We’re talking one inch inseams and a slit up the side.


Don’t worry, there is a liner built into the shorts.

To complete the barely-there-ensemble, throw in a racing singlet. These tank tops are usually very thin or mesh materials.

I’m surprised my wife lets me out of the house with this much skin showing. Fortunately most of my running is in the dark at 5 am in the morning. I have not dared to venture higher than a 5 inch inseam for local races. I see all of the other top runners in their short shorts and no shirts. There has to be a correlation between minimalist attire and speed, right?

I am sure I will change my tune when winter rolls back around, but for these warm months, I just feel more free, fast and streamlined in my short shorts and singlet.