Would it be lame to carry a bicycle horn or bell while running? Or an air horn – now that would be cool.

I have found myself on many runs approaching other runners or walkers that are up ahead with their back to me. So the person doesn’t know I am approaching from behind and that can be an unsettling feeling.

I know you are supposed to alert them by saying something like “Excuse me. I will be passing you on the left. Please don’t be alarmed.” But who really does that? I have found the best early warning system sometimes is a cough. Or a loud clearing of the throat. Make it sound like an Andy Reid press conference (Eagle fans will understand). Or a good nose snort can get the attention of unsuspecting pedestrian. Maybe stomp your feet a little louder. If they don’t hear me by now, I go with the high speed pass. I kick it into high gear and grunt out a “Morning” as I speed by.

Add a dog to the equation and you have a whole new set of problems. If that mongrel freaks out, you may be in trouble.

So practice your warning noises until you find one that works for you. Or just announce “On your left” as you approach.