I confess. I am a high fiver. I high five other runners. I high five course marshals. I high five spectators.

Who doesn’t love a sweaty high five?

On out-and back courses, I frequently extend my hand to runners passing the other way. My friends Mario, Shane and my son Connor can attest to this. Though sometimes awkward in the delivery of the hand-to-hand salute, the “we are in this together” sentiment is passed along nonetheless.

The best high fives are from the kids that line the roads at marathons or half marathons. I always edge my way toward the curb to make sure I give as many “thank you for coming to cheer us on” high fives as possible.

The most humbling high fives I have shared were during the Shamrock Marathon when the course takes you through two military bases. The enlisted troops line the road cheering and “hoo rah-ing” for the runners. Goosebumps. I know my pace after that point picked way up just off of the energy as I high fived my way down the road.

I also enjoy the finish line high five. After I finish my race, I like to stay near the finish to cheer on other runners. They are all out there to have fun and get faster. Or they are running their first race. A high five and “good job” might be just enough to bring them back out next time for the comradery of race day.