NAME: Sheryl Hudson
Residence: Allen, Texas
AGE: 54
FAMILY: Married, mother and grandmother-to-be

sherylMy name is Sheryl Hudson and I am a 54 year old wife, mother and grandmother-to-be currently living in Allen, Tx. I was raised a tomboy in Colorado, hiking, skiing and spending most of my long childhood hours outdoors. I started running on and off since I was in grade school, but became truly devout when I turned 30. I also had a 10 year absence of running from 2002-2012 due to Lyme disease, but I am grateful to say … I am back! Starting over after a chronic illness, and being over 50, has been a challenge to say the least! I am grateful for every day, and I try very hard not to take my running and health for granted!

Running has added so much to my life that I cannot imagine living without it. I have studied and learned so much about the body, health, fitness, and most importantly myself!! Running has taken me to the limits physically and mentally, taken me to different places, distances and successes! I am a different person because I run. I believe it has added to my character in many positive ways, making me more complete and grounded as a person. I find I am better at setting and achieving goals in all aspects of my life, which sets great examples for my kids!

It can be challenging to get all of the training in (ie: long runs, hill work, tempo and speed work, etc.) without having pangs of guilt for not being present as a mother and wife. My husband is very supportive and has also become quite efficient in the kitchen! He has accommodated me in many ways, and supported my decisions with my running. He had run a couple of marathons with me in the past, but has decided the he does not enjoy running. I am still working on bringing him back to the run-side! I do my best to arrange any schedules around my high school daughter and son’s events, and do my best to be supportive for all of their activities in their lives. I am soon to be a grandmother, so will add some eagerly anticipated time in for looking after this new baby, too! My biggest barrier is having to work. I am very lucky to have a job in times of economic crisis, but would be ecstatic if I could create my own schedule and work from home.

Weekly, I try to get a good hill work out, and a definite long run in. I would love to say that I have a dedicated strength training routine, but I would be telling a lie. I am working on this, and have added some from home including planking, squats, and lunges along with other core work. I do not care for the gym any more. My mileage varies from 15-30 miles a week depending on the season and what I am training for. I do run races, and spend the majority of this time running half marathons. I have run 4 full marathons, and am not thinking I will revisit this race. Mine were quite good for me, the best just at 4 hours, so I think I will leave that race alone! My next event is the New Year’s Double Double where I will be running a half marathon on New Year’s Eve and another again on New Year’s Day. It is a great race!!

Advice I would give to anyone wanting, considering, or attempted to start running is … Do it!! Just do it! Once you make that decision, you need to start out slow and each time you go a little longer, and a little further, and then your desire becomes so much greater! The feeling and sense of accomplishment is beyond words! The beauty of seeing the landscape, running places you have never really paid attention to before, hearing the rhythm of your breathing and the sound of your footsteps is therapeutic. My life has been enriched through the simple joy of running!