Dave Jones was the first Running Dad that I profiled back in February of 2013. At that time, Dave was training for his first marathon that he had signed up to run in April. I have known Dave since grade school – maybe earlier – and he has a knack for going “all-in” when he sets his mind on something. Turns out, marathon running is his new passion. Since that initial marathon in April, 2013, Dave has become a Marathon Maniac (literally). See Dave’s marathons below:

Dave Jones

Dave Jones – Marathon Maniac

2013 Marathons (since April)

1) Southern Indiana Classic (IN)

2) KY Derby Festival (KY)

3) Cleveland Experience (OH)

4) Hatfield-McCoy (WV)

5) Bay of Fundy (ME)

6) Mad Marathon (VT)

7) Loonies Midnight Marathon (TN)

8) (After 9 weeks rest for his daughter Anna to be born) Asheville City Marathon (NC)

9) Baltimore Running Festival (MD) – Dave ran as part of Team Running Dad and helped raise money for The Lucas Fund. Thanks, Dave!

10) Shawnee Marathon (IL)

11) Rock n Roll St Louis (MO) (IL and MO were a “2 state double” 1 Saturday and 1 Sunday of same weekend.

12) Rock n Roll Savannah (GA)

13) (in ’13) Rocket City (AL)

14) Across the Years 72 hour Footrace (AZ) Completed an official 112.4 miles.

Dave’s goals for 2014:

1) RunDisney Marathon (FL) – DONE

2) Either Little Rock or Mississippi River (he hasn’t decided yet)

3) Boston Marathon!!

4) 3 Days at the Fair- 72 hour race in New Jersey.

Dave will get his 6th star in Marathon Maniacs by finishing 16 in 16 states in 365 days and he is also an official member of the 50 States Marathon Club now, which takes 10 states to get in, but 50 to be a “Finisher”

Quite a year! It looks like Dave did not call it quits like he had expected after his second marathon.