NAME: Scott D. Miller
OCCUPATION: President, Bethany College
AGE: 53
FAMILY: Married, two kids

Scott and daughter Ashlee Miller

Scott and daughter Ashlee Miller

Scott Miller lives in Bethany, West Virginia, a small mountain-top town 39 miles from Pittsburgh. He spends his “down time” at Bethany Beach, Delaware. He is in his 22nd year as a college or university president. His family includes wife, Annie; Daughters, Katie 28, and Ashlee 25.

Why do you run?
Health and fitness

How often do you run?
Every day (5 to 7 miles)

What was the most recent race that you ran?
Rehoboth Beach Half-Marathon (December, 2012)

What is your fondest running memory or experience?
I have a wonderful collection of memories and friendships from practices and competition as a high school (General McLane, PA, High School) and college (West Virginia Wesleyan) runner.

What are your running goals?
I am committed to 30 minutes of running per day for health and fitness. However, I go beyond that because I want to remain competitive in the age 50 and beyond category in races I enter.

Do your kids run?
Our youngest daughter, Ashlee, was a top runner on a state championship team in Delaware in high school. She has continued running and is currently coaching a wonderful running program for young girls (Girls on the Run).

Have you found a balance between running and family and work?
I run every morning around 5:30 or 6 no matter where around the country I may be. Ashlee has joined me on runs (or I’ve joined her!) sometimes. We’ve run a few races together.

Any thoughts, suggestions, experiences you can share about how running affects your life?
My college coach always said that you have to put 30 minutes per day aside for yourself. Running is that time. I have a high stress job. Running is great for stress relief. Likewise, because I travel so much in my occupation, I’ve been able to run in some of the more scenic locations around the country. In over 30 years in higher education, I’ve learned that runners–for the most part–are far more disciplined and live healthier lives. I plan to keep running as long as my legs hold up.