NAME: Nathan Brown
RESIDENCE: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
AGE: 32
FAMILY: Wife Boh and 6 year old daughter named Ryleigh
OCCUPATION: Running Coach/delivery driver

Introduction: Nathan and I are both SKORA Ambassadors and coached by Kyle Kranz. And he is also a father trying to balance work, family and running. We have never met, but we have a friendly rivalry, trying to outdo each other in our races and in marathon training. Nathan is also running the Boston Marathon and we have a similar goal time. Hopefully we can remain friends when I pass him on the Newton Hills! 

How long have you been a runner?
I have been a runner most of my life. Started as a youngster and just kept going. Took some years off in my mid-late 20s because I thought I was a football player. Proved myself wrong and picked it back up when I was 28 or so!

Do you find it difficult to balance running and your family life?
Absolutely. When you take running as seriously as I do it becomes time consuming. You have to make family time a priority or it will get lost in the shuffle.

How have you managed especially during marathon training season?
I just put my family first. Moved runs, or got up early to get them in. I also like to involve my wife and daughter by doing the strength training together or meeting at the beach or the park as I end my runs for picnics.

Are you excited for the upcoming Boston Marathon?
Beyond excited!! Getting here is only half the goal for me. I want to run well at Boston and prove some things to myself. I am currently losing my mind!

How would you describe the months that have led up to the Boston Marathon?
Chaotic! With my running team really starting to blossom, my family life commitments, and the countless miles; it has been a blur. I have a great a coach, Kyle, who has really been a centering force for me in this crazy whirlwind.

Are you prepared both mentally and physically?
I am. Again, big ups to my coach for really taking time to work with me. As a coach I am always worried that I am the neediest athlete he coaches.

Do you have a goal for Boston?
2:48. I feel like I am in 2:45 and may chase it late. But being a “flat-lander” I understand the importance of sticking to the plan through the Newton HIlls.

After all of the excitement of Boston is over, what is next on your list of goals?
I plan to take a shot at being competitive nationally on the ultra scene with an eye on the Keys 100 in 2016. I currently am putting all my time and effort into preparing myself mentally for Boston. There may be more. I think you mentioned American Ninja Warrior, right?

Any advice for other Running Dads / Moms or other runners?
It takes a lot of sacrifice if you want to take your running to the next level, but do not let it take family time. Last marathon, I got to caught up and feel like I was working too hard when I didn’t have to be. This time I sacrificed sports and television instead of dinners and park time with the family and I am a much happier family man because of it.

Nathan “Coach Beast” Brown
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