What’s better (or worse) than bragging about your personal achievements to anyone who will listen?

Bragging about your kid’s, of course!

Stretching before the raceMy son, a future Olympiad, and I participated in the Care2Cure 5k in Winchester, Virginia this past weekend. I did the 5k and Connor did the kids’ 400 meter race. It was a perfect day for some fast times on the course. Connor and I did some warmups and strategized for how we planned to run.

After the 5k race, the kids gathered at the start line. The competition looked pretty fierce. The little girl in the dress had the whole “eye of the tiger” vibe going on. As the starter got the kids ready to go, Connor got squeezed out of the coveted inside track. So he circled around behind and got the far outside lane as the starter yelled “GO!”

Outside lane

From the far outside lane, Connor made a bee-line in front of the other runners and into that inside lane. From there it was over. Connor extended his lead and finished in a neon green blur across the line in first place.



I heard a lot of:
“Wow, that kid is fast!”
“How old is that boy?”
“That shirt makes him look even faster!”
“His father must be a world-class athlete and male model.”

On this day, Connor had his moment of achievement and I could not have been more proud, regardless of the outcome.

He says a 5k is next. I better step my game up or he will be catching me soon.