This race was around Bowling Green Golf Club and the neighborhoods nearby. No watches allowed. Before the race, you predict your time. My guess was 33:30. The majority of the course was paved, but there was a bit of packed gravel on a sloped section of the road (crested in the center of the road) that I had a hard time finding a comfortable path to run on. Other than that, an enjoyable run. I actually did better than I thought.


Congratulations on finishing the WS #4 Predicted Time 5 Miler on January 12, 2013.  For your records, the weather that day was Foggy and Balmy, 42 F.

There were 23 finishers in the Male 30 to 39 age group and 214 finishers in the race.

Your overall finish place was 26 and your age group finish place was 10.  Your overall finish percentile was 12 while your age group percentile was 43.  Your time of 32:56 gave you a  6:35 pace per mile.