SKORA finds the perfect fit with their newest model of running shoe, the aptly named …
I have put the shoe to the test and it scores points for both style and comfort. This review comes with over 100 training miles and a 10K race in the Fit.
Prior to the Fit, I was training and running in the SKORA Phase. Both the Fit and the Phase are zero drop, meaning your heal and forefoot are the same height off the ground. For the Phase, that distance is 11 millimeters. The Fit puts 16 millimeters between you and the road. There is only an ounce difference in weight between the Phase and Fit – 7.2 oz and 8.2 oz respectively.

Love that fresh-out-of-the-box smell

What stands out to me about the Fit are the design and construction components used. They are unlike any other shoe I have owned. The upper is made of a one-piece “air mesh” material. This mesh is very soft, not at all rough like some mesh materials used in shoes. You can’t actually see the holes in the mesh, but it breathes and stretches really well, regardless. Instead of overlays glued or stitched to the upper to provide the support, SKORA utilizes a digitally printed 3-D dot pattern and an internal arch band. The shoe has a nice, plush, padded collar that is different than what is used on the Phase. With the Phase, I had a break-in period to softened the collar in order to avoid blisters below my ankles. The Fit is good to go right out of the box. These shoes feel like socks with a sole.
They pass the eye test. Nice looking shoes.

They pass the eye test. Nice looking shoes.

The laces are asymetrical, meaning they run at an angle down your foot instead of down the center. This eliminates pressure points on the tops of your feet. Some of my other running and dress shoes drive me nuts with these pressure points.

Inside the shoe is an insole that is different from the other SKORAs I have worn. They all have small bumps on the insole, but these are more pronounced. I think they give a tad more cushioning and feel pretty good on the bottom of your foot. And if you want to take a few millimeters of padding away to free up some space for your foot or to feel closer to the road, the insole is removable and the stitch-down construction keeps the foot bed comfortable and free of abrasive stitching.
The outsole, or tread, is made up of a durable rubber material I have grown to really appreciate. All of my SKORAs have lasted for many miles. We’re talking 400-600 miles at a minimum. I believe this rubber is much more resilient than foam or other outsole matetials. It provides adequate protection from hard surfaces and rocks. Pair this with the additional padding of the Fit, and you have a cloud-like ride.
I recently ran a personal best 10k in the Fit. They felt great the whole time. I had a tough time picking between the Fit and the Phase for the race. I picked the Fit because, well, it matched my new Running Dad shirt. Don’t judge me. I still feel my SKORA Phase are faster and will remain my go-to speed shoe. The Fit will be my training shoes, getting the bulk of the miles since they are a softer ride.
The Fits in action at the Apple Blossom 10K

The Fits in action at the Apple Blossom 10K

The Fit would be an ideal shoe selection for runners looking to transition into more minimal zero drop shoes. They would be what I call the SKORA intro shoe.

SKORA provided me this pair of shoes as part of their Ambassador program. That said, they are worth every bit of their affordable price tag. I will most likely purchase the other color way – blue, white and silver – to match my other Running Dad shirts. I know. Pathetic.

Need more info? See SKORA’s website for details and order your pair today.