So “faas” is Jamaican for “fast”.

But Puma is a German company, right?

It all makes more sense when you see the Jamaican Olympic track team, including Usain Bolt, sporting their shoes.

3 pairs (and counting) of Puma Faas 250s

3 pairs (and counting) of Puma Faas 250s

I found my first pair of Puma Faas 250’s on the clearance wall at the Puma outlet store in Leesburg, VA for $25. These were the electric blue, gray, and yellow ones. Super lightweight, comfortable and a steal at 75% off.

I wore these a couple weeks as just a comfortable walking around shoe. They really look nice with shorts and jeans.

Once my New Balance 730s wore down enough to be retired, I turned to the Faas 250 for running. They are definitely a racing flat. Not much cushion, minimal drop from heel to toe, and very light. I actually ran in these for a half marathon and they did not eat my feet alive. Since then I have used them for quite a few 5K’s.

I liked the looks of these shoes so well I went back to the outlets and picked up a red pair and black pair for $35 or so each.

I’ve since retired the first pair and now run in the red ones. I run with socks on since I got a bit of a sore spot when I tried sockless, but for hot days I wear these without socks for normal walking and daily activities. The mesh is comfortable and breathable.

Here are the specs (from

  • Weight: 6.7 ounces
  • Mesh upper for lightweight durability
  • Molded sockliner for better fit, maximum breathability, and greater performance
  • Rubber outsole with EverRide and EverTrack components for durability and advanced cushioning
  • Innovative midsole with BioRide technology, featuring three components that work together to create a naturally responsive ride:
  • 1. Rocker: Incorporates a rocker shape for a centered heel strike and effortless toe-off.
  • 2. Flex: Most sidewalls are raised to stabilize the foot but then restrict the flex. Our solution? We incorporated flex grooves in zones where it makes biomechanical sense to allow the foot to move naturally.
  • 3. Groove: A groove on the side of the shoe gives the foot a feel for the ground, giving you a more responsive ride.

I check the outlet store every time we go and look for my size, or check the Puma website, but they seem to be getting more scarce. I assume they are phasing them out for new models.

I now have my eye on the BioWeb. Check these out.