Be safe. Be seen. Those are my two biggest concerns when I go running in the dark. With a full time job and kids in multiple sports, early morning or late evenings/nights are sometimes the only option for getting in my training runs. I have used a headlamp to light my way until I found Knuckle Lights.

I had seen advertisements for Knuckle Lights in the back of Runners World magazine for several years, but never ordered a pair. They started popping up on my Facebook feed and piqued my interest once again. There was a “Share this post and win” message on Facebook, which I quickly shared in hopes of winning a set of my own. I saw some of my friends share the post as well. Surely I’ll win! Nope. My friend Josh did. You’re welcome, Josh. I’m not bitter that you won my Knuckle Lights. It’s cool. Really. #$@&%*!

Anyway, a few weeks later his wife, Sarah, joined me for an early morning training run. Like 6AM early. In the dark. She brought along Josh’s Knuckle Lights so I volunteer to carry them to see firsthand how well they work. I was impressed. They lit the road in front of us with a steady wash of light at our feet, even with my arms moving with my strides.

I put off ordering my own pair, but I decided to inquire about getting a set donated for a contest I was running to raise money for the Lucas Fund. Knuckle Lights stepped up to the plate and offered a free set. I used the freebie as an incentive for contestants to run 10 miles a day for 10 straight days and get money donated for their efforts. Vern Heavner ended up being selected for the prize. Vern has a 1500+ day run streak going and has to squeeze miles in at all hours of the day or night to keep it going. So I am glad that he won the Knuckle Lights!

But still, here I am with no Knuckle Lights. I don’t like to ask companies for freebies for myself unless it is to benefit my charity. Don’t get me wrong, if a company wants to send me products to review, I’ll gladly accept them!

Christmas morning, though, my luck changed. My wife must have overheard my envious mutterings about all the cool kids having Knuckle Lights and here I am with my stupid headlamp. She had purchased a set of Knuckle Lights for me! Woohoo!

She opted for the battery operated model. Some reviews said the battery powered Knuckle Lights are better since you don’t have to remember to plug them in to charge after a run. You just have to swap out some Double A’s when the beam begins to diminish. I couldn’t wait to try them out.

I tested these hand held lights out and they performed great. I have full control of where the light is pointed. I don’t feel like if I turn my head I will blind my running buddy or shine a light into someone’s bedroom window on accident in the wee hours of the morning. I did notice they were not as bright as the newer, rechargeable model. So I emailed my new friends at Knuckle Lights to see what the difference is between the older model and the latest-and-greatest model.

The older battery operated model puts out 45 lumens of light power. The newer rechargeable ones blast out 280 lumens on the highest setting! That’s quite a difference! I then told them that I was considering ordering the newer model to write this review as a comparison. She then offered to send me a set of the new ones to try out and write about. Score! Thank you Knuckle Lights!

I tested out the new rechargeable ones and they are bright! I actually toggle between the brightest setting and the second, dimmer setting depending on if I am in a neighborhood, with illumination from street or porch lights, or in the darker wooded areas where it is pitch black. There is a setting for a blinking light on both for use in distress. The on/off and different levels of illumination are all controlled by the button conveniently located by your thumb. The straps wrap comfortably around your hand, allowing you to still use your fingers for important things … like firing snot rockets. At least that is what Josh told me. I don’t do such disgusting things.

Comparing the two, the newer ones are more compact. As I said, they are much brighter, but I have had no problem seeing with the battery operated model. I like the fact that I can just toss the battery operated ones in my “running stuff box” and not have to worry about plugging them in. But I also like to know for sure they are fully powered, which the green indicator light on the charging dock shows.

Knuckle Lights cost $59.99 for the rechargeable option or $39.99 for battery powered. I heard that there may be a new battery operated version coming soon, as well as some new colors.

And since you made it this far and didn’t click away from my ramblings, even after the snot rocket comment, here is a discount code that will save you 10%:


I am a fan of Knuckle Lights and recommend them to anyone who runs in the dark.