With BottleBand, you can turn almost any water bottle into an easy to carry handheld hydration solution. It works with regular disposable water bottles or sports bottles. I have used it for both with great results. 

During the Boston Marathon, I used the BottleBand with a disposable water bottle that had a resealable cap. My goal was to use carry my own water so I could avoid water stations for the first half of the race. When I ran out of water in the bottle, I tossed the bottle in the trash, tucked the BottleBand into the strap of my waist pack, and continued on.

Water bottle with BottleBand at the 2014 Boston Marathon

Water bottle with BottleBand at the 2015 Boston Marathon

At the JFK 50 Mile Race, I used the BottleBand with a sports bottle and was able to refill at aid stations as needed. The “No Excuses” quotation was a nice reminder for me to stop complaining about how crappy my day was going and to shut up and just run.

For an inexpensive piece of running gear, the BottleBand is truly a useful hydration solution. I purchased mine at my local running store for less than $10. They can also be purchased at www.bottleband.net.

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