Behold the power of algae! Whoever thought pond scum would be good for you? These little pills pack a punch of vitamins, glucose, and protein. Made of 100% natural spirulina algae, these tabs claim they are not a supplement, they are a food source. Are they the secret little superfood that will provide that extra boost of energy to conquer all challenges?

Energy Bits have created a great online presence with their social media campaigns and health-inspiring website. They have online ambassadors that help promote the products through their own social media channels as well. This is how I found Energy Bits. I read the benefits of the bits and decided it was worth a try.

Energy Bits

Energy Bits

They aren’t cheap. I ordered a bag that contained 1000 bits and the price was around $80. A friend gave me a discount code since he is an affiliate for the company. It came by US Mail and included a fancy little bag, some marketing material, a zip seal top bag of bits, and a small tin to carry a serving of bits in. The packaging is nice and shows that it is a quality product. Upon opening the zip sealed bag, my first thought is “this smells like rabbit food”. It definitely smells like alfalfa. In the sealed pouch are 1000 small green tablets. Of course I had to try and chew one up. It tastes like rabbit food. Taking them with water is the way for me to take my bits since the recommended serving is 30 tablets 2 or 3 times a day. Chewing 30 of those tablets would not be pleasant.

I have used the bits before workouts and races and in the morning sometimes. Overall, I think the product is high quality and offers nutritional benefits. The only problem I see is the execution. Taking 30 pills at a time is just a cumbersome ordeal. I forget I have them in the fridge half the time.

To pinpoint any performance benefits from the bits, when I am constantly working to improve, is difficult. At first I thought there might be a correlation, but I believe my fitness level was increasing with or without the bits. I see them as a nice supplement to my diet, but to call them “food” is a stretch.

I will re-evaluate whether I want to order more of these bits of energy if I ever make it to the end of this bag.

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