Marathon training require a lot of hydration. I use water and sports drinks frequently during my runs, but have never really focussed on a recovery drink for afterward. I found Abloc Recovery Drink provides the essential ingredients for a better recovery. And it tastes good at the same time.

I was recently sent several sample packets of Abloc Recovery Drink (visit website) that were distributed to my friends at Team Skora, for whom I am an Ambasador. I like trying new stuff, especially free stuff.

Here are the advertised details of this recovery drink:

The 2-to-1 carb-to-protein ratio in our mix is ideal for post-run recovery.

  • Restore your energy levels
  • Reduce your muscle soreness
  • Get you back on the road faster than ever

Train Harder, Recover Faster

Abloc Ingredients

Abloc Ingredients – visit Abloc website

I tried my first packet  after a 3 hour training run. I mixed the packet with skim milk and some frozen dark cherries and gave it a whirl in the blender. This frozen concoction tasted awesome. And it must have worked pretty well because I had enough energy to go shopping with my wife shortly afterwards – and that is a feat of endurance unto itself.

Later in the week, I drank an Abloc recovery drink after another strenuous workout; this time just mixed with skim milk. I mixed it by using two cups like a shaker. This did not get the powder mixed as well as I would have liked, but it still tasted great. Not chalky or off-putting like some powdered whey drinks I have tried. Again, the drink was satisfying after a hard workout. It left a little undissolved residue in the bottom that turned into a solid brick after I left it sit on the counter without putting water in the cup (for which I was admonished by my wife and made to go shopping again).

With the third and final packet of Abloc, I mixed it with skim milk and a couple ice cubes and blended into a milkshake. Once again, a very refreshing recovery drink as I train for my upcoming marathon.

I would recommend giving Abloc a try. Great flavor and enough of a pick-me-up to go shopping after a three hour run.


Visit Abloc Nutrition to learn more and order your recovery drink.