The Under Armour Ultra Run Cap was an impulse buy when browsing the merchandise at the UA outlet near my inlaws’ house. I had a headlamp that I liked a lot, but the idea of having the lights built into a hat was enough to sell me on this cap. 

Here are the specs from the Under Armour website about the cap:

The Under Armour Ultrathon Run cap is packed with all the features you need to have success in a long running event. When the race runs late, this cap has Panthervision® Powercap® LED technology with two attached angles of light that keep your vision clear and the finish line in sight.

  • Perforated detailing provides superior breathability.

  • An unstructured fit provides customizable comfort.

  • Built-in HeatGear® sweatband wicks sweat away to keep you cool and dry.

  • A low-profile creates less drag when running.

  • Adjustable comfort closure in the back provides a customizable fit.

  • A convenient zippered pocket on the left side provides storage for small items.

As a hat, I have no complaints. It is lightweight, breathable and comfortable. As a headlamp, it lacks in illumination. It works alright if it is not pitch black out and if you don’t need to see very far in front of yourself. I prefer to have a lot of light when I run at night.

I think I paid around $30 for the hat. I could have purchased a nicer hat and a nice headlamp for not much more.