The Princeton Tec Fuel 4 Headlamp cuts the darkness when the sun takes a break. This headlamp is an affordable entry level headlamp that puts out enough light to illuminate your way for late night or early morning runs.

Here are the specs according to the Princeton website:

  • 4 Ultrabright LED’s for 43 lumens powerful flood light and 146 hrs of long burntime
  • Large push button switch designed to be compatible with gloves
  • Asymmetrical single arm bracket creates a center of gravity for reliable pivot
  • Easy to open battery door with a positive snap closure
  • Small, lightweight and robust

I used this headlamp for a year and loved the features it has to offer. It is very lightweight and the strap is easily adjustable. I usually wear a sweatband or bandana between my head and the lamp so that I don’t end up with a mark in the center of my forehead. The angle of the light beam can be easily changed while on the run. 43 lumens is adequate for illuminating the path. The price is inexpensive – $20 – $30 at most online retailers.

The one thing that made me move on to a new headlamp was the battery compartment door of the Tech Fuel 4. The hinge is very small and plastic. Mine eventually snapped off and I had to use rubber bands to hold it shut. It still works fine and I let my son use it on the rare occasion I talk him into a night run.

The Tech Fuel 4 headlamp is good for light use, but lacks in durability.