The following is Coach Kyle’s synopsis of what we will be working on this month in preparation for Boston in April. It has been a nice balance so far and I have not felt beat up at all. The majority of my running has been on the treadmill since it has been cold, icy very dark when I get a chance to run. I don’t mind it since I have a TV with Netflix, wireless headphones, and water near by in my basement gym.
So this week we have a few workouts, such as EZ50+MOD50 (50:00 total MOD), 4×5:00 HARD (20:00¬†total HARD), 2×2 @ HMP (4 total hard), plus fartleks.
The goal for the next few weeks will be the same as (almost) always, progress the specific endurance workouts to get more race specific as we get closer to the event.
4×5:00 HARD will probably morph in to 4×6:00 HARD. Last week you did a progression with MOD40, this week you did MOD50; those may lengthen further or shorten but jump in effort level. We’ll get some more marathon pace in there as well. After 2×2 at HGP this week, 8 @ MGP will probably be done, as well as along run at 90% MGP. As well as some hill reps and longer strides.
To put that in non-coach-speak:
EZ = Easy pace, usually between 8:15 and 9:00 per mile for me. These paces vary from runner to runner.
MOD = Moderate pace. I usually am right around 7:30 for MOD.
HARD = Hard pace. A faster pace, but still under control. Mine goes form 6:15-7:00 per mile depending on how I feel or what terrain I am on.
HMP = Half Marathon Pace for me is 6:20 per mile.
GMP = Goal Marathon Pace is 6:40 per mile.
EZ50+MOD50 would be 50 minutes at EZ, 50 minutes at MOD. So that workout takes 1:40 to complete.
4×5:00 HARD would have an EZ at the beginning, maybe 2 miles, then 4 sets of 5:00HARD with a minute or two of EZ in between followed by another 2 mile EZ to cool down.
Coach Kyle sets a Goal Marathon Pace that we want to be comfortable when Boston rolls around, and works backward from there to create a plan that builds to that point. It remains fluid in case of any setbacks such as injuries, or if we both agree I can go faster, he can adjust my GMP accordingly.