Holy cow, it is less than two weeks until the 122nd running of the Boston Marathon. Yikes! My fourth time running the historic course. I like to set goals each year and sharing them here gives me a chance to look back and see if I hit them or missed them. In 2017, I set some pretty lofty goals. You can read them here. But here are the highlights/lowlights and how I fared.

GOAL A: Sub 2:55:00 – FAIL
GOAL B: Sub 3:00:00 – FAIL
GOAL C: BQ time (3:10-3:15) РSUCCESS 
MIRACLE GOAL: Sub 2:46:00 – FAIL

Actual time was 3:14:35 so I just squeaked by in Boston Qualifying time. Luckily I already had a better time under my belt to get me into the 2018 Boston Marathon because the 25 second cushion was not enough. It was hot last year at Boston. I was doing great until about midway through then all my energy got zapped. It turned into a long day.

Guess what my goals for 2018 are.

GOAL A: Sub 2:55:00
GOAL B: Sub 3:00:00
GOAL C: BQ time (3:10-3:15)
MIRACLE GOAL: Sub 2:46:00

Yes, I am persistent. But I think I can do it. Why am I more confident this year? I have a fast running buddy in my corral! Mario Zuniga and I have ran big races together and we push each other to new PR’s almost every time. Maybe Tom Thomas will jump back a corral and join us for a sub-3:00 push.

So there it is. My goal list for 2018. Hopefully I can recap with some green SUCCESS statuses beside each.