I found the brand SKORA by chance earlier this year. I saw an online advertisement for the SKORA Phase running shoe and the color and design really caught my eye. As I read about the company, I saw that this company was created by runners, for runners. Their shoes are created to work with your foot and a natural running motion. They encourage you to “Run Real”. Their blog contained many informative articles about running form and injury prevention. SKORA’s message resonated with the direction my growth as a runner was going.

 second place overall finish at the Run For The Ribbon 5.9K in my SKORA Base.

A Second place overall finish at the Run For The Ribbon 5.9K in my SKORA Base.

I contacted SKORA to ask a few questions about the Phase. Right away, I got a response from Tyler Hurst, Brand Evangelist. He told me that there may be too great of a “learning curve” to jump straight into the Phase model of shoes due to their minimal stack height (the amount of padding between your foot and the ground). All of the SKORA shoes are zero drop (same height from the ground at the forefoot as the heel) and that was a change for me as well. Tyler recommended the Base model. They had a bit more padding than the Phase. I checked them out and they weren’t as cool looking as the Phase, but they were less expensive and had some interesting features such as a velcro closure. So I pulled the trigger.

Nearly 600 miles later, my Base are still going strong. They got me through training for the Baltimore Marathon and carried me across the finish line with no foot issues (I had other issues – not shoe related – but that is another story). So I can honestly say that the SKORA Base have been the longest lasting, most reliable and comfortable running shoes I have ever had. If these shoes ever wear out, I plan on getting my hands on the Phase and their other models.

I applied to be an Ambassador for the company so I could help spread the word about their products. I shared information about my running career and about how I use my RunningDad blog to share running tips and product reviews. They liked what they saw on the blog and welcomed me onto Team SKORA! I will even get my photo, a bio, and a link to the RunningDad blog on the SKORA Ambassador page.

I am anxious to continue to grow as a runner as the SKORA company grows as an up-and-coming shoe retailer. I can not wait to see what they have in store for the future!