A co-worker and friend shared with me today about one of their relatives who have a baby that is having problems right now. The little girl was born yesterday and everything was good, until she started to turn blue. It turns out the valves on the back of her heart are reversed. Today, they had to stop her heart and switch the valves around. I have not yet heard how the surgery went.

These words about baby Reese hit home this morning for me. Both in an emotional way making me very sad, and at the same time, it put what I have been doing in focus. I finally have a personal connection to one of the babies that my efforts with The Lucas Fund can touch. Since June 2013, I personally have donated a dollar for every mile I have run to the UVA Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. I will hit 2000 miles this month. Knowing that those efforts, while doing something I love, is helping baby Reese and her family – it makes me feel a lot better and thankful for the very short time we had with Baby Lucas.

I will be running and praying for Baby Reese and her family.