I received a really cool package on my doorstep the other day. As soon as I saw the shipping address, I thought “this is going to be AWESOME!” Inside the box were four Easter eggs. Each egg – or as they called them, “Flamingo Eggs” – had a pair of the new Easter Bunny Sunnies style sunglasses from Goodr in it. They sent these fun eggs to their brand ambassadors all over the country. Our job: hide the eggs on our favorite running trail. They also requested us to be creative and share photos on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We just had to hide them Easter morning and hope runners would find them.


So I got up early, dressed in my Easter finest and hit the trail with my wife, Jen, in tow on her bike to capture the shenanigans. I deposited all 4 eggs and returned home in time to hide Connor and Cole’s eggs inside and outside of the house before they awoke. Pictures started to come in from all of the ambassadors participating in their egg hiding adventures and of the lucky runners that stumbled upon the eggs.



Local runners Becky and Katie were lucky enough to snag two of the eggs I hid. The other two eggs were not there when I went back out later in the day for a run, but I have not heard or seen who the fortunate runners were.



What a fun way to start Easter and share the awesomeness of Goodr running sunglasses and then have fun with my family!