Challenge yourself! Looking for a reason the set a new goal? Do it for Lucas and spread the word about The Lucas Fund and how it helps babies and families at the University of Virginia Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Here are some sample challenges:

prizes50forlucas“I will do 50 push-ups a day for 50 days”

“I will run 50 miles in 50 days.”

“I will lose 5 pounds in 50 days.”

“I will not say a swear word for 50 days.”

“I will not drink beer for 50 days.” I think that would make me say a few swear words.

“I will drink a beer a day for 50 days.” Maybe the push-ups are a better idea.

“I will run 50 miles in one day.” You’ve gotta be nuts.

“I will shoot 50 free throws a day for 50 days.”

“I will read for at least 50 minutes a day for 50 days.”

“I will donate $50 to the Lucas Fund.” Now that is a superb idea!

Do you see the common theme here? Hint: it is 50.

It’s your challenge to yourself. Plus you can win cool stuff!

We have prizes from SKORANUUNINKnBURNàbloc Nutrition, Running Dad and ForLucas.com with more coming in.

All you have to do is challenge yourself and share your challenge on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #50ForLucas. Your name will be entered into a drawing for the sweet prizes which will happen on November 22, 2015. That gives you time if it is a 50 day challenge. Sharing your #50ForLucas challenge will earn you 5 entries into the contest. (Use the #50ForLucas tag with your challenge as many times as you wish, but only one from each site – Facebook and Twitter –  counts toward your entries)  You can also enter by using the entry method at the bottom of this page. Do both to earn the maximum number of entries.


Every $50 donation to the Lucas Fund gets you an additional 10 entries into the drawing. Add #50ForLucas in the message of your donation.

“What if I miss a day?” Hey, you are challenging yourself. Do what you feel is best – make it up, skip it, do extra the next day. Just be sure to share your challenge and help spread the word about the Lucas Fund. We are almost halfway to our goal of raising $50,000.

Rules: You must be at least 13 years old to enter and a resident of the United States. Limit one prize per contestant.

Me? I am running 50 miles in one day. Yes, I am nuts.

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